There are many issues that our growing community are facing, from public education to transportation. Stop Hate Awareness Program works at the ground level, helping bring residents together to smooth out issues and create bright spots. Our agency offers programs and creates events that are meant to unify us and work for the greater good.

Fundraising plays an important role in developing our programs and spreading our message.  As a nonprofit we are dependant on raising funds and we need your help to reach our goals.  Here are some simple ways for you to get involved and be a part of this growing organization.  There are 3 different ways to participate, and they all are very important. You can make a donation as a one time or recurring gift, fund raise with us by creating your own campaign, or in simply sharing this program with your friends and associates. 

Helping us is an opportunity for you to actually get involved with fixing the epidemic of hate that is consuming our country.  Help Stop Hate and let us help you.  Share if you care.  Thank you for your support. 

Building Communities, Promoting Citizenry

Stop Hate Fundraising campaigns are growing!  If you do not find your CAMPAIGN of interest below, and would like for us to add to the growing list, please click on the "New Campaign Button" located at the bottom right of this page.  Meanwhile, you can simply support by selecting "No Preference" option in the Donation Form below and we will designate to the most needed area at that time.

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This funding is utilized for many operational purposes, unless otherwise requested by donor.  If there is a particular campaign area with priority need at your time of donation, we will assign accordingly!

As a nonprofit, we rely on support from caring people like you and our own personal income.


The Stop Hate Awareness Program is serious about education and are committed to giving hope to future generations. Hope for education. Hope for a better life.

That is why we have been developing a Scholarship Program that will ......

We constantly give away free wristbands, free stickers, and free t-shirts all over the place.  We want to be able to give away more.  Although these products are a great way to raise awareness, we are limited to our budget on how much we can give away each year.  Your generosity can help us spread that message to many others.  

Help spread the word! Give a gift of AWARENESS!....

Any form of special needs, whether physical, mental or cognitive are not by choice.  Regardless of  the type of special needs, it is not a person's fault for being somewhat different.  The main thing to realize is that in ALL cases, we all breathe, eat, laugh, cry, believe, love and hurt just the same.

It's time to slow down in this fast pace frenzy of life to realize that we are ALL human and make hateful decisions every day how we feel about one another. .....