LOVE is the

foundation to ALL faith!

In the United States we have the freedom of religion. Some people respect that while others do not. It seems like recently everything has become politically charged. Some groups would prefer to control which religions are acceptable and which are not. Some religions are villafied, while others are presented to be better or worse than others. Radicals on every side try to blame opposing views as not relevant or modern enough, as crazy, cults, or just too old to matter. They say if you follow your religious beliefs that you are an extremist. Others claim there is no god, they do not believe, and that we are all just a product of evolution or random events. Whichever camp you are in, that is your choice, and you have the freedom to believe whatever you wish in this country. Whether you have faith in God, a higher power, some force greater than you, or whatever, or nothing, is a choice you are able to make in this country, unless it infringes on someone else's freedom. Then you have crossed the line.

Isn't freedom great? But, some people use this same freedom to mock others and say their own beliefs are superior.  Others try a little too hard to push their own ideas and wish to force their religion on others. All of this falls under the category of "you hate what you don't understand." Not everyone agrees on different beliefs, and this has resulted in centuries of persecution and death for some, while other religions believe death to those who don't accept their religion is acceptable. It is not. We are not trying to force our beliefs on anyone. We only wish to enjoy that freedom to believe as we please without interference, or fear of injury or death.

All of this will hopefully lead to many in depth discussions on how we can educate ourselves to be more accepting of others and their freedom to believe as they want, as long as that belief doesn't hurt anyone else.

We All Have Faith in Something!