Fundraising for Education

Help educate for a brighter future: Scholarship Program

The Stop Hate Awareness Program is serious about education and we are committed to giving hope to future generations. Hope for education. Hope for a better life.

That is why we have been developing a Scholarship Program that will allow students to have an opportunity to further their education after high school.  Students who are interested may apply on our website, or could be chosen through our essay and theme entry competitions.

We are looking for students to support who have a real need and desire to go to college, and serious partners with a desire like ours to help make that a reality.

With support from business partners and individuals like you, our goal is to supply financial help for students to continue their education.  Your support for this program is very important. Help us give hope to students who wish to take their education to the next level.

With your help and support, and by partnering with local businesses and community leaders, we will offer that opportunity to students across the country.

For more information on how you and/or your business can partner with the Stop Hate Awareness Program, please contact us.