Any form of special needs, whether physical, mental or cognitive are not by choice.  Regardless of  the type of special needs, it is not a person's fault for being somewhat different.  The main thing to realize is that in ALL cases, we all breathe, eat, laugh, cry, believe, love and hurt just the same.

It's time to slow down in this fast pace frenzy of life to realize that we are ALL human and make hateful decisions every day how we feel about one another.  Don't just label or place a person in certain "categories" of love or hate. Realize WHO they are as a person.  The way you treat someone, even ignoring or staring with indifference, hurts that person, just as it would you.  If it is a child, then the mother, father, guardian or care-taker can feel those piercing gestures deeply. 

No one knows or understands the struggle, patience and sacrifice a parent goes through to raise a child with special needs. Every individual is different from the other. This may be the case from childhood to adulthood. Sacrifice is LOVE. Make a kind gesture to be thankful and respectful of the STRENGTH of others. Your smile as a small gesture goes a LONG way! I speak from experience and will share my story soon, which is why I became involved with stophate.com from the beginning!


Hate Crimes Against Individuals with Disabilities

In 2007, 79 hate crimes were reported against individuals with disabilities, one percent of the total reported. This represents a significant increase from the 44 hate crimes (0.44 percent of the total) reported in 2003.

Through much of our country's history and well into the twentieth century, people with disabilities — including those with developmental delays, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other physical and mental impairments — were seen as useless and dependent, hidden and excluded from society, either in their own homes or in institutions. Now, this history of isolation is gradually giving way to inclusion in all aspects of society, and people with disabilities.......


This will soon be a section dedicated to helpful resources for parents, guardians, family members or anyone that knows someone who might need the help with a special needs case.  Most of this research and story will be from experiences of parents with some form of a special needs family member.  The struggles and success are real and I look forward to sharing those postings in the near future.


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