Educational and Awareness Programs

STOP HATE is an acronym that also explains our mission.

Start Turning Off Prejudice 

Heal Attitudes Through Education

No one program can address every need of each person who has experienced hate individually. But we can learn to pay attention to anyone trying to seek help or express themselves about how it has affected them. Programs are good to bring people together, but many times the individual gets lost in the crowd and doesn't always get the support they would like or need in a one-on-one setting.

We are currently developing a flexible template for school and youth programs to teach useful basic life skills, to identify and battle hate individually, encourage community involvement and activism, and show the importance of informed voting and how that plays such a critical role in the future of our society. With locally invited guests and cameo appearances from certain "special" guests via different means of technology such as video conferencing, we hope to provide an interactive experience to really get kids involved on a personal level in youth conferences, focus groups and mentor programs.