Our mission is to help Make America Stop Hate

Help Stop Hate. It's that simple. Join us.

America's very future depends on how we address this issue, and also how we educate our children, the future generation, about how hate and the devastating effects can destroy us all. Not everybody hates each other. They need to see that. We need to see it, wear it, live it. This is a campaign that everyone can be a part of, from individuals to big business, on a personal level. If you try not to use hate as a first response, you are already on our team.

We provide a focal point that people can identify with that gives focus and clarity in the daily struggle against hate.  StopHate Gear is a practical alternative to everyday clothing and products. Just as comfortable, but with a positive message. It is perfect to wear at rallies, to school, work, community and sporting events, and of course, in every day use. Find something that you can use to confront hate in your own world.

There are plenty of special groups for people to get involved with, but not everyone can identify with the choices presented. I didn't #WALKAWAY, but I'm glad people did and and still are. I support #BLEXIT, but I'm white so it's really not for me. I'm also a Christian and a Conservative so some groups don't even like me, and that's just fine. Some of the groups are not on the same side that I am.

There are organizations who focus on their own issues so much that they exclude others. If you haven't been affected by a certain thing, some movements are harder to get behind. But EVERYONE has experienced hate in some way. Nobody likes it when it is used on them. The victims are different, but the hate is still hate. I choose not to use hate as a first response, and I hope you will join us on this adventure in reaching out and showing our attitudes about hate. @helpstophate #MASH #STOPHATE


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